Why Am I Investing In These 3 Coins And Telling You About Them?

After the crashing of all the lending coins and many other coins, Bitconnent,  Davor Coin, First coin, Doge Coin,  I started doing research on what makes a coin thick and valuable. I discovered that the major thing is what drives the liquidity of the coins, meaning who will use them and for what.
Check out these three coins
1. Betchip promoted by Coinsinos is a coin that will be used by all Casinos in the world,  many are already using it.
To invest in Betchip  be part of our training today 5th March at 9pm, join this group now
2. Masscoin promoted by Masscryp is a coin that will be used for the first advert program on block chain,  so all know who needs to advertise their business will use it, to invest in Masscoin be part of our training tomorrow 6th March at 9pm,  join this group now
3. Das Coin promoted by Net Leaders is a coin that will be used for global mobile payment system and anywhere they use visa card, u can use your Das Coin. They have their Blockchain  and other ICOs can tag on their block chain just like ethereum smart contract,  if you invest in Das Coin join our training on Thursday 8th March, join this group now
4. Bitclub Network: Well Bitclub Network is not a coin but a mining company I use to mine, bitcoin,  ethereum and other useful alternate coins, imagine you mine ethereum with $1000 in January 2017 and in December 2017 you have 23 ethereum with one ethereum at $1000,  can u imagine the difference, want to know how to mine in a legitimate way,  join us today for a zoom call at 8pm and a whatsapp training on Friday 9th March at 9pm. Join this group now
Your Recharge Card for today
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Written by Love Oladele

Love Oladele is an Internet Business Consultant, she coaches people on internet businesses they can start. She has trained well over 20,000 persons via her seminars, training and videsos. The founder of She is popularly call the Queen of Internet Business and the Honourable Minister of Wealth Creation in Abuja, Nigeria where is based.

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