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Are you an Investor or a Spender?

The success of an investor can be likened to the faith, persistence, consistency and perseverance of a farmer who will deny himself the immediate appetite quench with his seed and allow it go down the soil in the name of sowing and will wait three to Eight months or one to two years maintaining the farm land until the crops or fruits will begin to grow and later produce a hundred and thousand folds. A single seed planted will germinate and will rotten first then the growing seed will be maintained to produce a hundreds or thousands of its kind while in a bad season reverse may be the case, yet the farmer is never scared or cease his action, the following season since this is His sources of living.

Live story: A young farmer saw the opportunity of making ends meet in rice farming and he started by farming a portion of land where he planted  one bag of rice seeds in the first year and he harvested fifteen bags, the following year, he repeated the same process to harvest twenty one bags from the same portion, in the third year the young man decide to double the farm but the season turns out bad as he harvested twenty one bags despite he doubled the previous 2 year’s portion and the quantity of seed sown as well as his  cost of production.  But he was  persistent, he increased the farm land to 2 times lager, he cultivated and planted, the early stage of his farm was good looking but in the fourth month just as the crops were about to start flowering, some bacterial and pest infected the farm and caused great damage to the rice resulting to a poor yield of 29 bags out of the 4 bags planted, yet he was not deterred by the what happened for the past 2 years, he persisted and changed his farm location and in the new land which was not even as fertile and swampy as the old potion he cultivated and planted two bags, gave little attention to it  but the attempt yielded a good result with a total harvest of ninety five bags.

Like a seed, growth takes time and patience. To find success in investing, you must sow a seed and be patient in letting it grow. At times, investors seek quick and easy returns on their investments. Risk, and the consequences of risk, is not always weighed appropriately in the decision making process. By understanding the process behind long-term investment, a mature and patient investor can avoid excess risk and become financially successful.

If the farmer had eaten his first seed harvest to feed his family through the winter of the first year, he wouldn’t have sown his seeds during subsequent years and expect sufficient results. Growth of a seed takes time and patience, but first it takes planning. Similar to farming, you must plan for your financial needs.   The earlier you plant your seeds by investing for retirement, the longer you have to nurture it to grow through compounding interest. If you wait too long before sowing your seeds or saving for your retirement goals, the more likely nature’s weather or volatility of the stock market will impact the success of your desired results, more also the earlier you backed out of investment because you felt you are not getting the desired result the farther you go from achieving your goal.

Investment is a noble asset that must be acquired with patience, persistence and consistency or else you may end up eating up your future. Just as it is said “you cannot eat up your cake and have it again”, so it is with every person who want to gain financial freedom and to be free from financial embarrassments He/ she must plan ahead both in medium time and long-time asset. When I mean asset here I am referring to any noble task that will guarantees the flow of cash into your account and not the economist asset that will demand from you from time to time.

By planning ahead and saving early for your goals, you can avoid excess investment risk and undue stress later in life.

As Warren Buffett once said, “Someone’s sitting in the shade today, because someone planted a tree long ago.” It is never too late to start investing, but I suggest starting now. Please share this advice with your friends and family. If they want to enjoy the shade of the tree, they better plant the seed today!

If you are afraid because you have lost to some mushroom online business, do not let that deter you, Thomas Edison on 10th Dec. 1914 said to his son “not only is his factory the labour of his hands for past years was burning down in ashes but all his past mistakes were also burnt and he saw that as an opportunity to start allover the following day.” Watch this video to get the story of Edisom, hope you are encouraged.

Written by goldinmoses

Goldinmoses lives in Abuja south, a dedicated and devoted servant in the vine yard of God, with great passion to impact His entrepreneurial knowledge to other who are really seeking the way to financial independence.
In all things fear God, seek Him and be faithful then He will bless every labour of thy hands.
Above all remember not to despise you little talent, trade your talent to double it and much will be added unto you.

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