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Secret of Success in Network Marketing Secret 4

Know the business in and out and train your team members

You must know your business in and out. It amazes me when I see people who say they have not succeeded in internet businesses and blaming the company or their upline and ask them to open their page and you find out they have never opened their page.

How can you sell what you don’t know.

Most company do their best to train their members either through live trainings or through zoom training but the truth is some persons are not willing to sacrifice at all.

As a business owner, there are so many things to learn, all the basics of running a business. Network marketing is also a business and you must take it as such if you want to succeed.

As a network marketer, you must know how your business works, know the compensation plan, the benefits that is the why of your business.

Anything you know, teach your team members, you cant do everything for them, you help them register, you help them register their downline, you help them check their accounts, you help them train. No, you must help them to grow, at the beginning you can help them do these things but don’t let it continue.

Network marketing business is a fantastic business for those who know how to run it and you can learn it because you can get a mentor to guide you.

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Written by Love Oladele

Love Oladele is an Internet Business Consultant, she coaches people on internet businesses they can start. She has trained well over 20,000 persons via her seminars, training and videsos. The founder of She is popularly call the Queen of Internet Business and the Honourable Minister of Wealth Creation in Abuja, Nigeria where is based.

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