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Secret of Success in network Marketing 7

Don’t promise people that you will work for them

It is possible someone have told you this statement or you have told someone, “join, I will put people under you”

The truth is network marketing business is work, let people know from day one that it is work, for me what I can only offer you is training, because with social media marketing the work is easy now, all you need is your phone.

You can only enjoy your team if everyone is active so grow a team where you will train continuously.

Once you promise people you will help them, they join then go to sleep, expecting they can cash out, then after few months, they will call you with confidence and say I have not seen any money in my account, if you say you are still working on it, the next thing, you will hear, I only registered because you promised to help me.

Please don’t make this promise to any one, network marketing is sweeter if everyone in your team is working.


Written by Love Oladele

Love Oladele is an Internet Business Consultant, she coaches people on internet businesses they can start. She has trained well over 20,000 persons via her seminars, training and videsos. The founder of She is popularly call the Queen of Internet Business and the Honourable Minister of Wealth Creation in Abuja, Nigeria where is based.

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