How To Make Money with Social Media

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I will be starting a series on how to make money from the internet. The internet is a world of its own. you have to understand the terrain to be able make it.

Today my friend, I will be starting from facebook.  The prominent social media platfoms are facebook, whatsapp, twitter, linkedin and so on.

Over 5 millions Nigerians are on facebook. Out of this 5 millions, over 2 million users including you check their page daily. This fact present an opportunity for every opportunity seeker.

Like I have always said think and grow rich. all you need to be rich is the ability to think. When I say think, I mean Thinking in the real sense of it. TO be a great thinker, one need to be a good reader, and passionate dreamer.

The purpose of this article is not on how to think and grow rich. Napoleon Hill already wrote a book titled “Think and Grow Rich”, you can go get the book, rather I will go straight to the ways of making money from facebook.

Below are 5 ways of making money from Facebook

To start with

  1. Position Yourself : Create an appealing facebook profile. When someone knows, likes and trusts you, they’re more willing to hear about your business. Your profile gives you this opportunity when you use your profile picture; cover image, and “about” section properly. Choose a professional profile picture. Use your cover image to give people a snapshot of your personality. A complete “about” section makes you more credible and rounds out your personality.

2. Post Frequently & Publicly: A lot of users are redundant. For you facebook is more than a social media tool, it is a business tool. Your goal is to let your friends know what you do for a living and how you can help them. You have to let them know how you can help. Post articles and advice on your area of expertise to remind them of your competence. For example if you’re an insurance rep: “Hey there! As you may know, I love helping families be protected from unforeseen tragedies. If you know anyone that needs life insurance, please message me.”

  1. Use Facebook Messenger: Facebook Messenger is like email. You can receive instant sms. You can call as well. If you’ve previously conversed with a prospect and you’re getting ready to talk to them again, you can quickly review all your previous talks in one place. If you haven’t spoken to a friend in a while, make sure to re-establish the relationship first. You don’t want them to feel like you are only reaching out for business. You can say, “Hey! We haven’t spoken in a while. How have you been?” Only chat about your products if they ask what you do.

4. Grow Your Friends: For business oriented person like you, you have a responsibility of adding friends on daily basis. Your facebook friends don’t have to be people you know personally. Since its a facebook profile, add everybody and anybody is on facebook. Imagine if you have Five thousand (5000) friends on facebook, the implication is for every post you post publicly, over 3000 people are going to see it. Waow! Isn’t that a good and cool way of advertising yourself and products.

  1. Stay in Touch: It’s only a matter of time until friends want your product. Stay in touch on Facebook by posting quality content and interacting with your friends’ posts. Posting quality content is a balance between business and personal: Too much of either can result in failure. Be personal 80% of the time. People do business with those they have the best relationship with; so post about what’s on your mind. Post about business the other 20%. The more you interact with your friend’s posts, the more your business posts appear in their newsfeed. Your friends will also see you as a true friend, not someone just trying to sell them products. When you comment on a friend’s post, write from the heart. Treat it the same as when you talk face to face.

Remember, Facebook is only part of the strategy. other Social Media platforms are great tool to market yourself.

I will be sharing how to make money through whatsapp. I have made millions from whatsapp. you can too. Just stay addicted to this blog.

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Written by Mustapha Openiyi

Scribe Openiyi is a prolific writer, publisher, web developer, Information Technology consultant and internet business expert.

He is the CEO, Brainiac Computer Hub, an IT firm based in Ogun State, Nigeria where he trains and develop IT solutions for business operations.

He manage his own blog - where he mentors on making money from the internet.

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