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    Choose One Government Work or Business?

    Yes, I know you want to work for government but let’s say you have not secured the job maybe because you are not influential like the dead people about to get board members job even in their grave or who knows if it was your name they wanted to put, are you aware? Take this […] More

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    INTERNET BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY EXPO Learn 10 internet businesses that can transform your financial situation/ What if we show you a business you can start with 2k yes just two thousand naira and you can earn a million naira in few months What if we show you how you can earn  millions just by partnering with […] More

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    Just keep Moving! Persist

    *✍Mathematical differences:* 2+5=7. 6+1=7. 3+4=7. 7-0=7 7+0=7. 9-2=7. 8-1=7. 11-4=7 15-8=7 14/2=7. 21/3=7. 70/10=7 7×1=7 *✍What is my point??* *✍My point is that there are so many ways of getting to your final destination.* *✍GOD may not take you through the same way He took your mom, dad, friend or colleague.* *✍What matters is that […] More

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