We have decided to rate internet business for you our readers, many of you have lost your hard earned money and we hope that with this review, you can make more informed decisions.

Note 1: Ratings are not static, we shall keep updating so you need to check even at the point of taking your business decision

Note 2;  All the businesses we rated are businesses we invested in or someone we know and trust have invested in and we can give you candid opinion of our experience with them.


  • Bitclub Network: A business of mining, they mine bitcoin and other alternate coins. To know more about Bitclub Network, click HERE
  • Rating: 90%
  • Why?: It is a business where your mining machines are bought for you, if you want your machine will be sent to you. It is one of the mining companies recognized by block chain. They are more than three years old and still going stronger, you can send your earnings to your bitcoin wallet.

  •  Masscryp: Masscryp is a fantastic business that you can invest $100 and earn $9420. Mascryp is the only business you can advertise on their block chain. To know more about Masscryp, Click Here
  • Rating: 70%
  • Why?: It is a business that has its own blockchain and will give people the opportunity to advertise on their blockchain, meaning before you can advertise, you have to to buy their coin. Their coin, which is call masscoin will be valuable in the market because more people will use it. Right now you can cash out in bitcoin and when you withdraw, it hit your bitcoin wallet in 4 days. We are giving them 70% because when a coin gets to the exchange it is demand and supply that demands the price, masscoin is going on exchange this month and we will keep reviewing it.

  • LifeGiftGlobal: Lifegiftglobal is a fantastic food business, it is a pure network marketing business where you need to bring 6 persons to mobe to the next stage. To know more about this business click HERE
  • Rating: 70%
  • Why?: It is a business that have done their calculations well and what they payout is less than what they earn. Your earnings can be paid straight into your Nigeria account.

  • Betchips: is a coin that will be used by almost all casinos, when you invest in it, you have many ways to earn but many people like what we call the power of 365, meaning, in 365 days, you would have gotten back what you invested, then your money still remain intact. Video on betchips will be posted next week.
  • Rating: 70%
  • Why? Their coin is already been used by some casinos and all those who likes playing games will also be using the coins, this coins will have people to drive them which help the value in the market, right now you can cash out your earnings in bitcoin

  • DasCoin: Dascoin is a coin that will be used for global payment system, it is going to have wide acceptability, thet do not need merchants to agree to accepting the coin because the DasPay system is being designed to run on the same underground rails as Visa and MasterCard by the company who owns the engineering for those payment processors. Www.cartaworldwide.com. This is what sets them apart from Bitcoin or even the new LiteCoin payment system which still require all merchants to adopt and sign on to accept these coins one by one. So starting thus summer, literally overnight you will be able to spend DasCoin at 60,000,000 point of sale terminals globally thanks to DasCoin’s technical partner Carta. Think paying for groceries at Shop Rite with your DasCoins! Video of Dascoin will be uere next week.
  • Rating: 70%
  • Why? Their coin will be very valuable and accepted by many merchants. Right now you can cash out in bitcoin

  • Swissgolden: This is a business where you can invest in gold and you can also be an affiliate with them. To know more about swissgolden, click HERE
  • Rating: 70%
  • Why? It is a business of gold and if you want your gold, it can be sent to you. However if you want to be affiliate, be ready to work because if you do the affiliate marketing, you only earn if you recruit. 

  •  Winthrills: Winthrils network is a good investment opportunities, you invest your money and you are paid between 0.20 to 0.53% interest daily depending on the housing project you choose to invest in and the most beautiful part is you get your investment back after the expiration of the period of investment you choose, whether four or six months. To know more about Winthrills, click HERE
  • Rating: 60%
  • Why?: Winthrills used to rate 80% because they are quiet stable, they have been in business for more than 3 years now and you can cash out in seven days but towards the end of last year, they miscalculated and went to invest in bitcoin, I guess the fall of bitcoin hit them because right now there is delay in payment, to cash out your money can take as long as 4 weeks now.

  • Jama: Jama Business is a service business where all members have access to free skills acquisition. it is a fantastic business that you can start with %5 (N2000 and you earn $280,000 (N112M). To know more about Jama, click HERE
  • Rating: 50%
  • Why? It is a service business, you join and you learn a skill. It is registered in Nigeria and you can cash your money into your Nigeria bank. They have told us what they want to do with members money but right now, they have not started.

  • 1000Expert: 1000Expert is an amazing business where you invest and earn 7% weekly on your investment for one year and you earn in other 6 ways. To know more about 1000 expert, click HERE
  • Rating: 40%
  • Why?: 1000expert is a company that trades in cryptocurrency, and they have investment in gold, you invest and they pay you interest on your investment for one year. They have their own exchange now called global exchange. We use to rate them 80% before now but any business you are doing and to withdraw your money is an issue should not get high rate. At this time they are integrating their exchange and to cash out your money now takes over two months as against 14 days that it used to be.

  • Paydiamond: Paydiamond is a business where you invest in Daimond and you get paid 5% of your investment for one year. To know more about Paydiamond, click HERE
  • Rating: 40%
  • Why?: Paydiamond invest in Diamond and after 25 weeks, they will give you the option of collecting your diamond or you still want to receive the 5%for another 25 weeks. We rated them 80% before because they have a product called Diamond, however any business you are doing and cashing out is difficult should not be rated high. You can only cash out your money with their coin called MTK coin and at this time it is very low in the market, if you cash out with it, you will lose so much.

  • USI Tech is a company that trades in cryptocurrencies, you invest in packages, each package cost $60, you choose how many packages you want to invest in and you are paid between 0.5% to 1.25% daily, you earn an average of 1% daily. To know more about this business click HERE
  • Rating: 40%
  • Why?: We used to rate this business 60% before now but right now you cant cash out your money, they said they are upgrading, when they are through upgrading and people can cash out, we will let you know

  • .Bitclub Advantage: Bitclub advantage is also a business that deals with cryptocurrency and they pay you daily returns ob your investment.
  • Rating: 10%
  • Why?: We used to rate this business 60% because you can easily cash out your money on every 1st and 15th of every month. However now, you can only cash out 10% of your money and when you want to register a new member, you have 90% bitcoin and 10% members earning. The truth is and many of you who are new to internet business may not know this, that is a sign of a business that will soon collapse, they dont even trust their own currency if not why wont members be able to register with their earnings 100%.. I know many Nigerians are into this business and will be a big loss and wound many people like MMM did. Our advise, get your money out gradually and don’t bring any new person into this business. Sorry no where to click to learn more about this business as we do not recommend this business again.