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    Secret Of Success In Network Marketing Business – Secret 3

    Secret 3 is Marketing Network Marketing Business involves marketing, this is one reason you must join a business you love, that you can talk about proudly. In marketing we have warm and cold market. Warm market are people you know, your family members, friends, church members, colleagues. It is a good place to start but […] More

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    The Best 10 Online Businesses Training

    After the crashing of all the lending coins and many other coins, Bitconnent,  Davor Coin, First coin, Doge Coin,  I started doing research on what makes a coin thick and valuable. I discovered that the major thing is what drives the liquidity of the coins, meaning who will use them and for what. Check out […] More

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    Relationship Between Business And Money     

    What is money? Money is anything you use in exchange for what you need. It could be your idea, product, goods, talent, time, etc. Money is not just the paper you carry about, but the value attached to the paper.  At a time we were using trade by barter, cowry, or gold. In some countries, […] More

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    Jama Business – Turn #2,000 to 112 Million Naira

    Jama Business is a service business where all members have access to free skills acquisition. it is a fantastic business that you can start with %5 (N2000 and you earn $280,000 (N112M). If you have further questions please drop your comment on here or call/whatsapp 08032887817 or join my whatsapp group… With Jama, you […] More

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    Block Chain Technology And Mining Training

    NIGERIA TRAINING  Training Days: ​​​ Date: Thursday 15th March 1st Session 11am -2pm 2nd Session 4pm – 6pm Venue: *GRAND IBRO HOTEL ANNEX OPPOSITE WADATA (PDP SECRETARIAT Wuse Zone 5-Abuja* ——————————————  FRIDAY *16th March 2018* 1st Session 11am-1pm 2nd Session 3pm – 5pm Venue: *Grand Ibro Hotel​ Annex Opp PDP Secretariat* *Wuse Zone 5, Abuja* […] More

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    How To Grow Your Ethereum and Litecoin With Forcount Business

    Forcount: Etherium is the second most valuable cryptocurrency after bitcoin, if you miss making millions in bitcoin, you should not miss with etherium at all. Forcount is a fantastic business that helps you grow your eterium, you invest etherium or litecoin and you are paid 0.5% to 3% daily. .. You can connect with us on […] More

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    How Do You Introduce Yourself To An Audience?

    How You Introduce Yourself To An Audience Can Make Or Mar Your Chances by  *Emeka Nobis* “I’m an engineer. I work with Halliburton.” “I’m an ophthalmologist. I work with the teaching hospital here.” “I’m a businessman.” From where I sat at the table, I smiled sheepishly because I remembered how I used to do it […] More

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