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    Daily Income Internet Opportunities

    What will you be willing to sacrifice to learn if you know you can make $10,000 a day? Will you be willing to pay 180k for one training like I do for some of the trainings I attend, see one proof here Acct: ******2301 The Naira equivalent of USD497.00 has been authorized for the Transaction done […] More

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    Love Oladele – The Queen of Internet Business and the Honourable Minister of Wealth Creation* *WHAT AGE ARE YOU LIVING IN?* *The Industrial Age,*-  You set your alarm for 4.00am, sign in at the office at 7.00am or 8.00am. Close for the day at 4pm or 5pm. Get home at 8pm or 10pm. You dread […] More

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    Choose One Government Work or Business?

    Yes, I know you want to work for government but let’s say you have not secured the job maybe because you are not influential like the dead people about to get board members job even in their grave or who knows if it was your name they wanted to put, are you aware? Take this […] More

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